Budget Conscious Refurb by Dovetail Interiors

25th January 2018


Some of the best vacation home communities, closest to Disney have now been established close to 20 years! These villas, when compared to villas in newer communities can struggle to compete because they looked dated even though they are often better located. As the Orlando vacation market grows and competition increases it may be time to think about those improvements, refurbishment, repairs and renovations that you've been putting off. Your investment property must be in keeping with design trends and up to hotel quality standards in order to see a calendar filled with bookings!

Before Living Room


After Living Room AFTER

When Considering The Level of Renovation

  1. Think Holistically. "The Big Picture." Consider the whole and what it ideally needs, it is important to think things through before putting "Band-Aids" on partial areas. To see a jump in your bookings you need the face lift no the Botox!

  2. Research your competition it's vast! What upgrades and extras are newer homes using as marketing tools that you can't? Put yourself in the shoes of a potential guest scouring the internet.

  3. Come up with a realistic budget. By being honest with yourself and your designer about available finances for this transformation.

  4. Enlist the help of the professional. It will save your money in the long run and spare you the stress and headache of the coordination of trades and vendors. It is easy to get furniture delivered, the challenge is creating an eye catching and functional space.

When Considering The Level of Renovation

  1. Paint is the best "Bang for your Buck" cosmetic fix for those old and marked walls. Color sets the tone and also makes the room appear fresh, clean and inviting both in person and in the photographs.

  2. Update tired builder lighting. Often overlooked, but so important. You can't fake a modern home with updated and dusty light features.

  3. Declutter. Gone is the age of palm tree overload and silk plants above every kitchen cabinet! Beauty and simplicity, clear the decks and invest instead on a beautiful orchid or succulent arrangement.

  4. Think from the online shoppers perspective. What's better than getting into a crisp and clean linens? Definitely not your deflated pillows and sheets that exfoliate you as you lay in them! New linens, soft furnishings and kitchen and bath towels make all of the difference.

  5. Invest in a commercial grade patio or at the very least update patio cushions. People from all over the world come to Orlando to enjoy our tropical climate. However, the effects of humidity show on patio furniture that has passed it's prime.

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Before Living Room 02 BEFORE

Before Bedroom BEFORE

After Living Room 02 AFTER

After Bedroom AFTER

From the newly renovated property owner:

"Oh my goodness what a transformation! We absolutely love it. Your color scheme is beautiful. The rooms all look so different, the family room is fantastic. Even the little Mickey Mouse room looks so much more inviting now. The two masters and the 3rd bedroom looks gorgeous, as though a lot of thought has been put into them. We can thank you enough."

... Julie, from Scotland

Before Dinning BEFORE

Before Bedroom 02 BEFORE

After Dinning AFTER

After Bedroom 02 AFTER