Once a year our professional and personal cravings are satisfied with a journey to the Furniture Capital of the world, High Point Market in North Carolina. We take a family Road Trip with pit stops in Savannah for amazing Mexican food, and Charlotte for Roof Top craft Cocktails and then finally reach High Point, our final destination.

Eager and ready we explore as much of the 12 million sq. ft of exquisitely dressed show rooms as our little wedges can handle! I would consider excelling in retail and being a smart shopper some of my greatest strengths, but High Point is sensory overload. We did well over our 10,000 steps each of the three days and felt like we had only scraped the surface! But that’s every year, and that’s why we love High Point.

Michaela “Green shouldn’t really be seen without a stripe of White in between!”

Anya proving that Orange really is the new Orange!

Livable Design is key for the vacation home market. Learning with an open mind, moving with the times, designing with purpose and staying relative is crucial to keep up with the competitive market of income producing properties.

We are passionate about family and about design. This is our take away from our experience at High Point 2018. We hope that after you read you feel as inspired as we do to start designing your new vacation home!

Carol and Michaela in one of the beautiful showrooms.

Michaela with author Justina Blakeney

The Spring/Summer 2018 market trends that stood out to us were as follows :

*Flora and Aura are center stage. (Florals for Spring? Breathtaking! … we know, but when you see the colors and patterns, you will love it we promise).

*Curves are in … But so is minimalism. The marriage of both styles is interesting and beautiful. Examples of this was especially obvious in accent chairs.

*Color trends for 2018 include going green, but think deep emeralds not the recycling logo. Blush, (not be confused with baby pink), this color is amazing with warm tones. And black and white is here – we love it with gold … no it doesn’t look tacky, it looks fierce.

*Natural textures are here to stay!

*We breathe a sigh of relief as materials such a wood, rattan and caned furniture work so well for the Floridian indoor-out lifestyle

*Color block and geometric presence is still here … BUT colors used are more muted.

*Deco and Soul influence was everywhere. Think velvet, shag and deep metallics.

Now, allow us a moment to let our inner design groupie gloat … we also had the chance to meet the Property Brothers and Justina Blakeney this year. The Scott Brothers were there to promote their lifestyle brand and to give a nod to their mentors and the creative frenzy that is High Point. What we took away from our meeting was that Drew and Jonathan are both, gracious, tall, dark, and handsome. We also had the pleasure of meeting Justina Blakeney, (see above) author of New York Times Best Selling “The New Bohemians Hand Book”. She gave an inspiring talk about appreciating the Artisan and being responsible consumers, not only in regards to the brands we purchase and materials used but also, how the artisans of the pieces are compensated. Justina was at High Point to showcase her gorgeous rug and pillow collection in collaboration with LoLoi, which is rich-color and pattern forward. Justina also has the most fabulous hair, and allowed me to record her giving my best friend the sweetest well wishes on her engagement.

Anya and Michaela with the Property Brothers (Drew and Jonathan Scott)

We can’t wait to be your field research team again next year and let you know what’s in store!

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