•  We are an established family-owned & operated Interior Design service, specializing in the Short Term Rental Market.
  • We offer a personalized and comprehensive design service and involve our clients in the creative process.
  •  Our team’s wealth of experience, passion, and commitment provide the most creative and practical solutions for clients.

We will produce an on-trend vacation home that mirrors hotel quality standards and will assist in getting you bookings on the calendar!

It is easy to get the furniture delivered, the challenge is creating an eye-catching and functional space!



Your furniture package should be both user-friendly and unique. When interior design makes sense it is timeless. Color and style preference is personal, sure, but when it is obvious to the consumer that the space was created with thought and purpose, it is respected.

With Vacation Home Interiors, Purposeful Design is key. Guests opting for a villa over a hotel because they are looking for an exciting and elevated “home away from home” experience. The end goal is to book a home that is comfortable, functions well for their family, and has memorable aesthetics. Simply put, a wonderful space that gets them excited about their upcoming vacation!



  • Research your competition, it’s vast! Put yourself in the shoes of a potential guest. What upgrades and extras do they use to market their investments. What jumps out at you?
  • “The Big Picture”- When considering the level of design and thought that needs to go into decorating your investment it is important to think holistically. Consider the whole and what it ideally needs.
  • Come up with a realistic budget and enlist the help of a professional. Being honest and upfront with your designer will get you to your return faster. It’s all about the photograph, your house should flow and be memorable.

It’s all about the photograph, your house should flow and be memorable.



We are pros at producing turn-key, rental-ready homes. We have spent years researching the industry, collaborating with top management companies, and perfecting our inventory to ensure that guests will have everything they need for a comfortable stay. Your base price will ensure that you are ready to rent… but here we talk about the most popular upgrades our homeowners use to ensure optimum bookings and return guests year after year!


Floor-to-ceiling drapes evoke the feeling of luxury. While the clean lines of a maintenance-free cornice board are a great way to introduce patterns and complementary colors to a room’s design.


Pendant lights add style and warmth to your kitchen bar and swapping out a standard builder fitting for a modern chandelier makes for a memorable snapshot.


Paint is the best bang for your buck cosmetic upgrade. Color sets the tone and also makes the room appear fresh, clean, and inviting both in person and in photographs.


People from all over the world come to Orlando to enjoy our tropical climate. However, the effects of humidity show on cheap patio furniture.




We are often told by management companies that homes with Themed Rooms, which include Hand Painted Murals attract more website hits. This Ultimately turns into greater occupation throughout the calendar. Imagine yourself infront of your computer, browsing the internet for your next family vacation. You’ve decided that you want to rent one of the beautiful villas that are close to the attractions.. It’s usually a family decision on which home you are going to rent. -If you are making that decision with children in the room, more than likely you will be steered towards a home that features a beautiful themed room. Kids get excited and want ownership of which bedroom they are going to stay in on Their Vacation! A different and eye catching theme is another way to get ahead of your competition!

When it comes to Theme, the ball is really in your court…we can produce any mural or theme that you wish to consider. Classic Themes with staying power that are gender neutral always work!





We create custom design boards as a visual for concepts that will flow throughout your villa. A design board helps to pinpoint the mood that you want your villa to evoke, the design style, as well as specifics such as color and textiles. Pictures can be much more effective than words when it comes to the inspiration for your home’s design. Some clients really enjoy this creative part of the process! Some clients are overwhelmed by this part and they are excited to leave it to us!



  1. Discover Dovetail Interiors! Reach out via phone or email so we can get to know each other
  2. Set up your free phone consultation to further outline and define your needs, wants, and style
  3. Based off your free consultation, Dovetail Interiors will send you a quote for the job. If agreed on, we’ll begin to work on a customized design presentation for your project
  4. Together we’ll collaborate and confirm all the details. Then we’ll submit a final design package to you and an agreed-upon completion date
  5. We get to work! After completion of your project, we’ll provide a presentation including final inventory on a per room basis
  6. Upon receipt of payment, we’ll provide you with complementary professional photographs and a virtual tour as a thank you for using Dovetail Interiors



Dovetail Interiors is Led by CAROL COOGAN and Assisted by her daughters, Creative Heads, MICHAELA and ANYA

Lead Team Associates:

Head of Staging:


Livable Design is key for the vacation home market. Learning with an open mind, moving with the times, designing with purpose, and staying relative are crucial to keep up with the competitive market of income-producing properties.

We are passionate about family and about design. We hope that after you read Dovetail Magazine, you feel as inspired as we do to start designing your new vacation home!



“Carol was fantastic! her top priority was making sure we loved the home and had a stress-free experience. she is a professional designer who hasn’t lost her passion and she truly cares about your happiness with her work. She answered all of our design questions while implementing new ideas and layouts. Thanks to her we feel confident in our choices.”

“I had a great experience with Dovetail. In the short-term rental market, the appearance of a condo is very important to prospective guests. The team at Dovetail was able to modernize my property and make it rental-ready. Carol was very knowledgeable and promptly responded to all of my questions. The renovation was completed in a timely manner and I’m very satisfied with the final product”

“As vacation home specialists we have worked with Carol on many occasions to create a unique finish to our clients new home purchases and have also used her for our personal investment homes. Her work is outstanding and clients who employ her services will not be disappointed.”

“In my 30 years of buying property I have never dealt with such a wonderful design company. Their ability and willingness to extract from me the character of the design I expected is exceptional. Wonderful value, expert installation and finish and most importantly superb understanding of our requirements. I can’t recommend them highly enough!”

“We hired Dovetail Interiors to completely furnish our new townhome in Kissimmee, FL. We were instantly impressed by their high level of professionalism and eye for detail. After our initial visit, they created a mood board representing everything we dreamed of and more! The finished home looks like it came out of a design magazine. They made the whole experience fun and exciting. We highly recommend Carol, Michaela, Anya, and the entire Dovetail team. Thanks, Dovetail”

“Dovetail is a pleasure to work with. They have designed over 2 dozen client homes for me over the years and the homes are really a work of art. Being in the Vacation Home industry directly, I enjoy working with Dovetail because they know exactly how to outfit a home to maximize potential revenue for the home owner. I have absolutely no hesitation endorsing Dovetail Interior Design. They always go above and beyond when designing a home”

“Carol and the team at Dovetail are quite possibly the most experienced vacation home design and furnishing specialists in central Florida. The Dovetail team continue to surpass expectations with fresh new designs and quality products while maintaining a very personal and distinctive look for every client”